Police state descends upon America as woman ordered at gunpoint to STOP PRAYING in her own home

It can’t be stated enough that there is an ever-growing sense of distrust surrounding law enforcement in the United States. Between the increasing number of questionable shootings of potentially unarmed individuals to the untested rape kits and the undeniable police brutality, it’s no surprise that Americans everywhere are continuing to grow more and more upset with police departments. Those who have been sworn to protect us continue to prove themselves untrustworthy, which expectedly has led to loads of conflict in the streets of America.

Now things are getting even worse as the police state in our country continues to grow stronger.

Police officers in Louisburg, Kansas reportedly demanded that a woman stop praying inside of her own home in an event that completely spits in the face of the religious freedom laws we have in place in America. Mary Anne Sause, a retired nurse and practicing Catholic, was threatened by police officers who ensured her that she would be arrested if she did not stop praying.

Thankfully, many people have come to the defense of Sause, whom they believe is having her First Amendment rights infringed upon by the police department. The First Liberty Institute, an organization that looks to defend those that have had their freedom of speech attacked, has been paying close attention to the situation.

They stated, “Ms. Sause alleged that Officers [Lee] Stevans and [Jason] Lindsey commanded her to stop praying, under threat of arrest. And they did so without any legitimate law-enforcement justification … This is a plain violation of her clearly established First Amendment rights to pray in her own home and to be free from official retaliation for exercising that right.”

While it’s nice to see that some people still care about the constitutional rights of American citizens, it’s infuriating that the situation reached the level that it did in the first place. After all, this is a pretty cut and dry situation on every end.

Our country is in serious trouble, folks. Nothing is certain anymore and the rights that we once held dear are being completely violated by the powers that be. We have to be prepared for the absolute worst, because that is exactly what’s coming these days. The never-ending assault on traditional American values promises to cause an endless amount of problems for everyday Americans.

It’s time to take back our freedom. It’s time to become a country that values liberty once again.





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