Blood Moon Prophecy 2016: Huge Planet Nibiru Spotted; Conspiracy Theorists Claim Doomsday on the Way [VIDEO]

With a rare celestial event blood moon underway, conspiracy theorists are back with doomsday predictions. Conspiracy theorists have claimed that they have spotted a huge planet called Nibiru, or Planet X, which could destroy Earth.

(Article by Ankita Mehta)

According to reports, Nibiru is a planet with a vast orbit and will wreak havoc on Earth if it passes close to the planet. The theories suggest that Nibiru’s gravitational pull could trigger earthquakes and other catastrophic events, which could destroy Earth.
And they have linked this theory to the rare blood moon event. A YouTube channel Nibiru/Planet X has uploaded a video, which claims to capture the mysterious and huge destructive planet Nibiru along with the rare blood moon event.
Conspiracy theorists previously claimed that Nibiru could mark the beginning of the end, but this is the first time they linked it with a celestial event. Theorists believe that the rare blood moon event are caused because of Nibiru.
“We are here to discuss the blood red moons we have been seeing back in June, July and now in August. There were supposed to be two blood moons, this year, one on March 23, and another is due on September 16,” the YouTube video Uploader explained.
“This is supposed to be a rare event, however, in 2016, we have had two and another is not supposed to arrive until mid-September.
“This will show you the real reason why the moon has turned a blood red… it is because planet Nibiru was next to it and casting its red shadow upon the moon.
I know a lot of you naysayers will say this is a lens flare, but save yourcommentsfor another time as this is a stationary object next to the moon there is absolutely no doubt about it.”

 The video Uploader also said that the world governments know about the planet and the apocalypse, but have not revealed it to all. “I believe now is the time for full disclosure, but we will not see the full disclosure, because our government is hiding this cataclysmic event,” he added.

This is not the first time conspiracy theorists have predicted the end. Last year, just before the blood moon event several theorists claimed that an asteroid will strike the Earth, which will lead to the end of the world.

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