Why is it considered ‘bigoted’ to defend women persecuted by Islam?

There’s no denying the ridiculous hypocrisies sweeping American society today. The brainwashed members of the Regressive Left have been shoving their ridiculous third-wave feminist ideals down our throats for years, while simultaneously refusing to address legitimate problems facing women across the world.

It’s an indisputable fact that countries with sharia law enacted treat their women like property as opposed to people. When Islam is too influential in a society, the women of that society suffer exponentially — so why is it considered “bigotry” to speak out against these religious ideals?

As we learned as a result of the Orlando nightclub shooting — when the liberal media turned their backs on the LGBT community — Muslims are at the top of the oppression scale in the eyes of leftists, so they get a free pass to do anything. Oddly enough, it’s extremist Muslims that want to murder the other people on the list. So where do we draw the line? At what point do we stand up for the rights and safety of the women in these countries?

How come when a comedian makes a lighthearted joke over social media, these people grab their pitchforks and wish death upon them, but when Muslim men actually harm women, liberals tell us that “it’s their culture” and that we have to respect it? When did this become acceptable? It’s like ignoring an actual emergency in order to draw attention to a potential disaster.

Instead of whining about the Ghostbusters remake underperforming at the box office, perhaps these so-called feminists should be more concerned about Islamic women being oppressed in horrific fashion.





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