What to consider when choosing the right vehicle for the collapse

With every passing day, it seems like the literal apocalypse is on its way. Regardless of what causes the complete destruction of society as we know it, one thing that is likely is that you’ll need a vehicle that fits all of your needs. While every vehicle has positives and negatives in regards to what it brings to the table as far as apocalyptic efficiency is concerned, there are many key aspects that will contribute to your survival.

Here are four things you need to consider when choosing what kind of vehicle to utilize in an apocalyptic scenario.


During high-intensity events that will certainly come along with the apocalypse, having a vehicle that can get you to safety is vital. While many massive, lumbering vehicles may appear attractive in regards to protection, they’re far from practical in the speed department. Something that can move — quickly and efficiently — is of the utmost importance.


It’s likely that after society crumbles to the ground, the world will become even more dangerous than it currently is. At this point, being able to travel quietly could be a matter of life and death. Having a vehicle with a loud engine or muffler could give away your position from a long distance away. A car that can move quietly and briskly would definitely help avoid possible dangers.


It’s critical to have a vehicle that can withstand the damages — both natural and man-made — that come with navigating through the tumultuous landscapes of the end of the world. Choosing a vehicle that is built to last is highly necessary, since you never know what may come your way in an apocalyptic setting.

Renewable energy

This is especially important. When the end begins, gasoline will become a high-demand product. Electric vehicles could be extremely beneficial during this time, but if that isn’t an option due to the general lack of protection electric cars provide, then a vehicle that is fuel-efficient is the next best thing.





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