How many people have died under suspicious circumstances while working for the Clintons?

Controversy has surrounded the Clinton family for decades now. Whether its sex scandals, war crimes or financial shadiness, the family seems generally corrupt by all accounts.

But perhaps the eeriest realization surrounding the Clintons is the staggering amount of those who have worked closely with them dying under mysterious — even suspicious — circumstances. Much like holistic health doctors who threatened to expose Big Pharma, there are too many red flags to discredit these untimely deaths as mere coincidences.

Starting in the early 1990s, many people who could potentially unveil secrets about the family have wound up dead. From James McDougal, Hillary’s convicted partner at Whitewater, to Suzanne Coleman, the pregnant woman who was rumored to have had an affair with Bill, many people who cross the Clintons or do anything that could potentially ruin their reputations end up dying in peculiar ways.

With Hillary Clinton seeming more and more likely to be elected this November, these are the kinds of things that should be looked into. As with all conspiracies, there could be reasonable explanations for a few of these, but time and time again, those who could potentially threaten the success of the Clinton family have died in unusual fashion. Perhaps it couldn’t hurt to merely look into it.

Regardless of the outcome, there’s no denying that Hillary is dangerous. Who knows what America may look like with her as our commander-in-chief. The things she’s already done — and the things she plans to do if elected — have the potential to have devastating effects on our country. If that day unfortunately comes — and she does become the leader of the United States — the smartest thing we can do is prepare for the worst.

Given her sordid history with Bill and Hillary, if anything strange happens to Monica Lewinsky, we’ll know for sure that something terrible is going on…



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