Did the alternative media predict the Paris attacks long before it happened?

In a horrific attack which took the world by surprise, the lives of more than a hundred innocent, unarmed people in Paris were suddenly and violently cut short. As the whole world condemned the seemingly unexpected massacre, a group of people, whose voices have long been ignored by the powers that be, already predicted the attack months before it even happened.

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, the hosts of TalkNetwork.com and several other alternative media outlets have long been warning about an attack of this magnitude, yet only a few chose to listen. In an article by David Hodges titled “Can You Hear Me Now? Paris Massacre: 160 Killed, Martial Law Declared, Borders Closed,” he detailed how he cautioned against the Muslim invasion in America and other parts of the world almost a month before the attack. At that time, only a few wanted to print the article or even pay attention to its contents.

Has the world finally learned its lesson, albeit painfully, after the Paris attacks? Will the alternative media’s voice finally be heard?

Learn more about the Health Ranger’s take on the matter by listening to the Health Ranger Report episode below:





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