Liberal news website praises Satan, calls God mankind’s sworn enemy

Anti-Christian zealot Jeffrey Tayler is at it again. After comparing God to a rapist, he has now written a new hate piece hailing Satan for revolting against God, and calling him “wickedly cool, admirable and heroic” in the process. Unbelievable? Not so, from the man who once said that God “debauched” an “unconsenting virgin.”

Here’s an excerpt from Tayler’s piece, showing just how much of a Satan fanatic he is:

“However, let’s suppose the Lord did exist. His ghastly roster of atrocities aside, He would be mankind’s sworn enemy, if only because He plans (per the Book of Revelation) to destroy the majority of us in an orgy of fire and brimstone, sparing only His toadies and sycophants. We would thus be entirely justified in fighting this purportedly omnipotent foe, and we would need all the help we could get.

“Who might be up to the task? The only one with experience in combating the Almighty, His archenemy, Satan.

“Satan, at least according to the literature, has proved no slouch in fighting the Lord, thwarting His allegedly love-filled but in fact baleful designs on us, and enduring banishment from his ethereal homeland, all because he refused to submit to divine tyranny. You know the story: God supposedly booted Satan out of heaven for leading a revolt of his fellow angels outraged by God’s undemocratic, Hague-worthy governance and disdainful trampling over their rights.”

The rest of his piece goes on praising Satan as a hero fighting the tyranny of Christians around the world.

As observed by, hate pieces such as Tayler’s are becoming more common in liberal mainstream media even as these news outlets insist that they are not against Christianity.

Doublespeak? Many believe so.


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