Everyone’s a psychic: Learn how to “see” into the minds of others!

Researchers in the field of parapsychology believe that almost everyone possesses some telepathic or clairvoyant ability. How else does one logically explain those dreams that come true, those feelings of having been in a place before when you know you haven’t, those uncanny, unnerving “coincidences” when you think of someone you haven’t thought about in a long time and soon receive a visit, call or letter from?

Yes, you are probably capable of reading other people’s thoughts across time and space. But, like all mental abilities, telepathy must be practiced if you want to improve your skills. Just as people train their memories or learn to do complicated mathematical problems, you can learn to “see” into the minds of others.

Scientists at the J.S. Rhine Institute, affiliated with Duke University, have devised an intriguing game that is useful both for testing and developing your psychic skills. You can make the needed equipment yourself in just a few minutes.

Take several pieces of plain white paper or cardboard and cut out 25 identical rectangles, about the size of playing cards. Next, arrange the cards into five piles of five. On the five cards in the first pile, carefully draw a circle. Next, draw squares in the cards in the second pile. Put stars on the third pile, crosses on the fourth, and wavy lines on the fifth.

Now you’re ready to begin the training procedure: While sitting across from a partner, hold up each card in turn — one at a time — so you can see the symbol depicted, but your partner can’t. Concentrate on the symbol for ten seconds, than ask your partner to guess which symbol you are “transmitting.”

Keep a running score of right and wrong guesses. Repeat with each card until you’ve gone through the entire pack. The laws of chance would predict that one would score an average of five correct guesses in each pack of 25 cards. Actually, many people average much more than that.

By keeping records of your performance with various partners — as both sender and receiver — you may soon begin to notice definite patterns. You may score significantly higher with one individual than with others. With constant practice, slowly, surely, you will become more sensitive — and more psychically aware.

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