Are women more psychic than men?

Are women more psychic than men? Not according to MIT-trained scientist Pete Sanders.[1]

“Women may appear to be more psychic than men, but the apparent difference is based not so much on sex as on cultural conditioning and training,” he contends in his book You Are Psychic! The Free Soul Method.

Women in our society traditionally have been given more freedom to be feeling-oriented; the term “women’s intuition” indicates our cultural bias toward allowing the possibility of psychic ability in women. On the other hand, men and, nowadays, professional women tend increasingly to be “trained out” of their psychic sensitivity. They are not encouraged to talk openly about intuition, hunches, and similar psychic impressions.

In the business community and other traditionally male-dominated fields, logic, reasoning, and analytical explanations are more respected than are feelings or intuitive hunches. Many men do indeed have flashes of psychic intuition, but usually won’t present an idea as a “hunch.” Women entering the business and professional world encounter the same type of psychic suppression.

However, despite the traditional manliness of corporate culture, many business executives secretly believe in the value of psychic powers on the job. The psychic Laura Day, for example, makes a living divulging her intuitions to corporate executives. “Many blue-chip companies…pay handsomely for her intuition,” reports The Telegraph.[2]

Another factor contributing to women being more feeling-oriented, says Pete Sanders, is the experience of pregnancy and motherhood. “These give women a unique opportunity to bond psychically with another Soul they cannot communicate with physically. As a result, they are more aware of the psychic frequencies. Fathers who are closely involved in rearing their children can benefit in the same way; realistically, however, mothers tend to be closer to an infant since they carry the child within their body. But both sexes can reach an equal level of psychic potential with the proper training and mental openness.”

In summary, both genders are equally capable of tapping into their innate psychic powers, and both genders occasionally seek psychic advice from others, though men just tend to not admit it.


[1] Pete A Sanders, Jr. You Are Psychic! The Free Soul Method. New York: Ballantine Books, 1990.