Jonathan Cahn: The warning of the harbinger and the calamity to come

He has given warning concerning judgment. He has said that he believes America is rapidly advancing toward calamity and that we have crossed the line in our apostasy and defiance of God. He’s warned that, if America continues on its present course, if there’s no return to God, its crown as head of nations will be removed, and he believes that a great shaking is coming to this nation and the world. His name is Jonathan Cahn, and he is the author of a best selling prophecy book called The Mystery of the Shemitah.

The Shemitah is considered God’s seven-year cycles which are directly linked to economic activity, which Jonathan Cahn has noted through detailed historical research have run in correlation with biblical events throughout history and have at times had stunningly precise manifestations. Mr. Cahn believes that we are currently living in the center of one of those events, which he is naming the “Shemitah of 2015.”

The larger and, by far, the predominant of the Shemitah’s templates is that of a long-term collapse, a collapse taking place over the course of several months, or one in which a rising stock market comes to an end, peaks within the Shemitah year, reverses its momentum and begins a continuous descent. This descent may, at times, involve increasing volatility and dramatic day crashes, particularly in proximity to the Shemitah climax. And this is exactly what occurred in the Shemitah of 2015. If Jonathan Cahn’s predictions continue to come to fruition, we are in store for quite a rocky rest of the year!