Rapper: Caitlyn Jenner and MSM promotion of poor values a rebuke to God

In an interesting turn of events, famous rapper Waka Flocka Flame has called out Caitlyn Jenner, and his intentional gender transition, as a rebuke to God.  He also continued his admirably politically incorrect rant on Charlemagne Tha God’s Friday episode of The Breakfast Club by making note that pop culture is directly responsible for intentionally promoting poor values for young men and women.

Waka made his beliefs strikingly clear as he responded to the radio host’s questions about Caitlyn Jenner : “You are who you are when God made you, not who you became after he did. That’s how I just feel. You rebuking God, man. God didn’t put them feelings in you, man, that’s the Devil playing tricks on your mind. That’s a test from God. If you can’t outbeat that one task and you believe that, then you’re going to believe everything else.” [emphasis added]

On top of bucking the establishment’s politically correct norms surrounding transgenderism, Waka also pointedly dismantled the popular complexes surrounding slavery and black poverty, as he commented, “I know slavery happened… but guess what happening right now? If you in the hood right now, your rent is cheap! Why you complaining? Stack that paper, stop buying those Jordans… stop buying those book bags, stop buying those shoes that cost $1,200. Stop that s**t!”

Though Waka Flocka Flame is arguably no role model himself, the truth is evident in his words.  May this greatly inspire other celebrities to break ranks and do their part, in the continuous battle to undermine and overcome the cultural propaganda we are all experiencing.